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Consumers start the buying process online. Are they finding your website? According to Adweek, 81% of consumers search online before buying. Purchases begin with search. Prospective buyers search online for helpful product information, price comparisons, and trustworthy reviews.

How does SEO work?

Wondering how the SEO works? Confused about how it can improve your web traffic?

It starts with having enough relevant content on each page of your website for both visitors and search engines to quickly understand what you're offering.

Will SEO help our business increase sales and generate revenue?Yes. However, keep in mind SEO is not an instant lead generator. It takes anywhere from 6-12 months for SEO to be effective. However, it is worth the investment since 53% of all web traffic comes from organic search. (BrightEdge)

How do you know where to begin with SEO for our business?We start by finding opportunities to improve your current keywords rankings with tools like our Snapshot Report. However, that's only the beginning. There is much more to consider like your business goals, and your audience.

Do you perform on-page SEO and off-page SEO?Yes! We do both. We examine the details of your website using tools like Ahrefs and Sitebulb to understand where we can fix technical issues. Then we look at adding or editing content to make sure it helps your

How do you track SEO performance?Monthly reporting tells us how your site is ranking for targeted keywords. And tools like Google Analytics tell us how visitors are engaging with your content. Together they are used to help improve your site.

What Google Looks For Online

Mobile Friendliness

Up to 60% of web traffic is from mobile devices, your website needs to be ready.

Links Online

Internal links, directory links, publications all help Google find your website.

Relevant Content

The content on your business website must match the search intent.

Prominence Online

How well-known is your business online? Links, articles, and reviews are all factors.


For local SEO your location must be made clear to get found by consumers nearby.

Website Health

It's not just 1 thing. A combination of factors helps Google find the best resutls for customers.

Graphic showing the SEO process.

SEO Process

Audit and Keyword Selection
We start by finding opportunities to improve your current keywords rankings and new keywords.

On and Off Page Optimization
Then examine the details of your website and begin fixing technical issues and adding content.

Monitor Rankings and React
Monthly reporting tells us how your site is ranking, and how visitors are engaging to help improve your site.

Improve Keyword Ranking

See monthly increases in Google rankings for relevant keywords specifically targeted for your business. Our reporting will show where your website currently ranks, where it ranked the previous month, and where it ranked before you started SEO.

Keyword ranking in Google.

Add SEO for Bing and Yahoo

Bing and Yahoo are still widely used! So why should your business focus only on Google? Start ranking in search on all three of the most popular search engines and grow your business online.

Keyword rankings in Bing and Yahoo.

Dominate Local Search

How do we improve your local ranking on Google?

By adding complete business information across dozens of listings, citations, and sites across the web.

By making clear your audience, location, and value proposition on every page of your website.

By getting your brand mentioned online in links, articles, and publications that bring prominence to your business.

Read SEO Case Studies

Western Mass Wildlife Removal

Consistent organic growth since 2019 and increased authority within the industry.

  • Conversions up over 300%
  • Growth in organic clicks
  • Service area business
Screenshot of an SEO project analytics
Screenshot of an SEO project analytics

Behind The Scenes Productions

Over a 90 day period, Behind The Scenes Productions has seen an increase in page views and total traffic to their website.

  • 11% Growth in Organic Traffic
  • 9% Increase in New Visits
  • 3% More Organic Conversions

Our Awesome Partners

We know it takes a village to build brands like yours. That's why we partner with the best in the industry. Our campaigns include everything from local SEO to National Ecommerce SEO and Church SEO. Every campaign is closely managed and includes in-depth reporting to track the progress of every keyword.

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"He is so tuned into the needs of Local Marketing - and it is just where we now need to be!"

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"The Local Marketer really understands local marketing, including SEO (search engine optimization) and what's required to be successful in the local communities an organization serves. I was extremely impressed by their in-depth knowledge of how to help local service businesses be found on Google for relevant geographies. They know the ins and outs of both SEO tactics and tools, and how to ascertain where you're succeeding and we're you're failing on the SEO front."

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