About Roberto

Hello, my name is Roberto Torres and I started The Local Marketer to help local businesses grow, and impact the people who live, work in, and visit their communities.

I love helping customers navigate the different layers of local marketing, and the process of getting to know more about them and their businesses.


I have not always worked in marketing. Uh oh! Red flag! Wait a second, let me explain why that matters. I've been working in Information Technology over 20 years, and till 2019 continued as a consultant for large companies helping them transition large email systems into the cloud, and implementing solutions like encryption, disaster recovery, and data backup.

The move to marketing came out of my side hustle of building websites for my customers. For years, I'd build these websites and watch them get almost no traffic. This led to troubleshooting, testing, and making many mistakes that all informed and helped build what this business is today. I learned that without the right marketing strategy, a new website is like a pontoon boat in the ocean. No one will ever know that it's there unless you tell them.

When it comes to local marketing (if I can continue to use the 'ocean analogy'), the goal is not to reach every seafaring shipmate out in the immense expanse of the Seven Seas! Instead, local marketing is about reaching an audience who lives, works in, and visits your side of the bay. 🏝

As I have learned (remember the mistakes), the process starts with knowing what you're offering, for whom do you offer it, and why it matters that they buy it from you. Then continually communicate that information with extreme detail through channels that will reach the right people.

Why a Local Marketing business?

As I mentioned earlier, I moved out of IT and into marketing to help my customers get more web traffic, grow their businesses, and ultimately impact their neighbors. It didn't seem right to benefit from having a business if that business didn't genuinely help more than just my immediate family. In other words, there's got to be a purpose behind the business besides making money.

Unfortunately, marketing has a bad reputation as being a slimy manipulative method of getting people to want something they don't need. And in some (or most) cases, that is true. However, it was important to me to make local marketing less about manipulation and more about information.

More specifically, local marketing is about communicating a solution to a problem to the person next to you. Kind of like a conversation you would have with a friend. When you share a problem you have, a friend would recommend a solution. To me that's the essence of local marketing. I know exactly what you're going through, here is what I did to fix that.

The final and most important reason for this business is to be an outward expression of the wonderful gift of faith that was given to me by my Lord, my God, my friend, Jesus. By honoring Christ in this business, my hope is it will bring joy to others and honor to him, and I am grateful that I get the chance to do this everyday.

You're welcome to read a little bit more about me, and other projects at robertotorres.me.

Bob Burch

"Smart, kind and very helpful."

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The Local Marketer exists to help local business owners, internal marketers, and agencies reach local audiences to grow their businesses, and impact the people who live, work in, and visit their communities.

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David Bernstein

"Roberto is smart, skilled, and articulate. He will give you a detailed explanation of what you should be aware of, and he's right."

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