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Who is The Local Marketer, and how can you help my business?

My name is Roberto Torres, and I am an Author, Web Designer and SEO located in Massachusetts. Starting as a side hustle has now transformed to a full-time consulting business since 2019.

Today I provide local online marketing resources, courses, coaching, and services. Each is designed to help impact the people who live, work in, and visit their community.

This process starts with a website as the foundation of your marketing campaign. With it, you communicate the problem you solve to a local audience, at the moment they need your solution. The best campaigns unite one-time tasks with on-going projects to reach a specific goal. Putting this all together is where I come in.

If you have questions or are ready to get started, please feel free to schedule a call. I invite you to ask any questions about pricing, process, or past projects.

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Sarah Clay Music

Roberto is delightful to work with: kind, thoughtful, knows how to get things done efficiently and effectively. Highly recommended!

Wassmann AV

Very professional and knowledgeable. Takes the time to understand the clients needs.

Morning Star Bookstores

(He) put our business on the internet map in a big way. Great customer service, fast response, flexible, knowledgable and top notch to work with. Highly recommended!

Attract Local Customers

Local marketing drives nearby consumers, who are looking for your products and services, to your business both online and in-store. 

When you have a local marketing strategy in place, you can expect:

  • More calls, bookings, and visitors through your website
  • Increased awareness of your brand in and around your community
  • Added trust of your business in the community and online
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Local Marketing Resources for Everyone

For the DIY'er, you can learn local marketing through my local search basics course or my book The Local Marketing Handbook. For those needing hands-on help, you can book a coaching session or schedule a call to talk about your specific local marketing needs.


Invest in learning how to identify your unique audience and reach them through local marketing.

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Become a Local Marketer

It's good to trust a reputable marketing agency. It's better to understand how local marketing works so that you can market your business yourself when your budget is tight, and to avoid marketing scams.

Find local marketing courses and learn to:

  • Discover your niche local audience
  • Learn what works best for your business
  • Save money on marketing expenses
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Why work with The Local Marketer?

This is my chance to tell you that working with me will bring unprecedented growth, millions in revenue, and nothing but success from the moment we start your project.

Unfortunately, I can't tell you that. There are too many unknown factors, too many unforeseen circumstances, and too many unpredictable outcomes. It would be dishonest to promise any of that.

Do mean to say that the case studies on your website showing examples of success are not true? No! Those case studies are real examples of how things worked for that unique business. They are there to earn your trust and show you that I have indeed worked with other businesses.

If you can't predict what will happen, why would I want to work with you? The reason you'd want to work with me is because you want to understand how local marketing works, get equipped to do-it-yourself, or require personalized attention for your organization.

If you're looking for someone to simply optimize your Google Business Profile, handle your link-building, manage your ad campaigns, or is cheaper than your previous marketing agency, then working with me is probably not going to be a good fit.

My objective is to help organizations reach the people who live, work in, and visit their community. In order for that to happen they will need to to grow, so that they can then provide jobs, sponsor events, and provide valuable resources to their neighbors.

The way I meet that objective is by building web sites that turn visitors into customers, and help organizations attract more organic traffic through local SEO. Each local marketing service uses methods proven to increase visibility online, and are prescribed by the search engines themselves.

If you have a question I'd love to talk. Use the button below to schedule a call with me.

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