Press Release: 'The Local Marketing Handbook' Helps Local Businesses Market Themselves

local marketing Jul 06, 2021

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Roberto Torres is proud to offer his newly released book, The Local Marketing Handbook. This book shows the importance of marketing within a business's local community, discussing the context of reaching local customers and explaining the best ways to get the attention of that audience.

This book teaches the reader how to identify exactly who their customers are and refine their sales pitch in order to attract these customers. It also discusses building a website and how to use tools like Google My Business and social media to reach their community.

Torres's book states, "One of the main reasons to have a website is to showcase proof that your product or service is as good as you claim. I cannot stress the importance of filling your business website with relevant content for your visitors: the people who live, work in, and visit your community."

This book bridges the gap between the small business owner and the marketing community, giving the owner a sense of where to start and what steps are most important to take first. The book is written as an easy-to-read guide explaining the basic principles of local marketing. After reading, a business owner will have precisely what is needed to grow a local business and become an agent of change in the community. The Local Marketing Handbook is currently available on Amazon Kindle and in paperback and hardcover versions.

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