Freedom Bookkeeping

Screenshot of Freedom Bookkeeping's website hero section.

Freedom Bookkeeping and Consulting reached out to us about building a new website. Like many small business owners they had invested in a domain name, and were paying for monthly hosting, but did not have the time to get a website up and running.

When Shannon called us about this project, we were torn because their budget was tight, and we don’t recommend building one-page websites for businesses. In order to get her up and running we decided to take on the project.

The Problem

The problem was simple. After paying for hosting and a domain name, they had nothing to show for it. They needed a website to be up and running quickly in order to grow the business.

The Process

With such a small project, the goal was to complete it within a few days. The first objective was to find a domain name that was short, identified the brand, and most importantly, was available.

Second, we recommended using a Divi template to quickly building a landing page. We made a few recommendations and Shannon chose the Financial Services Landing Page template. Now that the template was chosen, we began to build out the copy, the color scheme, the fonts, and call-to-action.

The Results

After getting a copy of FBC’s logo and pulling a color palette from it, we were able to customize the template to better fit the business.

Screenshot of FBC website.

Once the site was approved for publishing, the domain was connected and the site was published. After publishing, we then setup Google Analytics (GA4 of course), and Google Search Console. This makes sure the site is indexed by search engines.

Wrapping Up

The project for FBC allows them to attract local customers through search, build trust with new customers, and begin marketing their brand online. Even with a limited monthly budget, your business can start building an online presence today!

Graphic showing the snapshot report scores for each category.

How is your business performing online?

Posting to social media, responding to customer reviews, building your website, monitoring your Google listing… doing digital marketing right takes a lot of work. That’s why we’re here to help. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how our services can help you grow your business online.

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