Become a Better Marketer: 4 Simple Steps

by | May 29, 2022 | Marketing

With the power of the Internet, there are more ways to market your business than ever before. Some of the tried and true methods haven’t lost their importance, either.

If you’re looking for how to market your business more effectively, consider this quick guide of ideas.

Take Steps to Improve Your Marketing

There’s always room to improve. Why not start here?

1) Improve Your Public Pitch

Many of us hate public speaking. But if you can hone your speaking skills, you’ll have an advantage over the competition.

Whether it’s just being able to give an engaging, memorable answer to the question “what do you do, again?”. Or you want to be able to host seminars and build up buzz around your name, some public speaking practice can help you more effectively market your business through word of mouth.

To get better and speaking in front of others, consider taking a course at a local college or joining a group like Toastmasters. And whatever you do, don’t forget to practice, practice, practice.

As you become a better speaker, you’re liable to become a better writer, too, which will improve your online interactions.

2) Learn Alternative Marketing Channels

Lots of local companies have a Facebook page. They’re a dime a dozen. Instead of confining your online presence to the sites where all your competitors already live, go around and market yourself online from another angle. Consider Quora, for example.

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Say your company sells pet supplies. Creating an account on Quora and hang out where pet owners ask their questions. As you give detailed, helpful answers to questions related to pet care and training, you’re highlighting your passion, demonstrating that you want to help people and their pets, and have an opportunity to include links to helpful information on your website.

Don’t go overboard promoting yourself, or it will just look like spam—but if your links are relevant and your information is genuinely helpful, people will take notice.

3) Don’t Neglect Networking

The Internet is a powerful marketing tool, but emails, websites, and other digital strategies should be just one part of your overall marketing plan.

There’s no substitute for live interactions, even when they are virtual. Make an effort to connect with the business community and get to know people. As you interact with other business owners, you’ll strengthen your online interactions over time. Even if you don’t get a customer out of every meeting, you’ll get your name out there and start making friends.

When someone asks for a recommendation, your name is a lot more likely to come up if you have a relationship with the person being asked.

Check out this Guide to Hosting Virtual Events on Alignable.

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4) Pursue the Public Eye

Don’t just wait for online reviews to get your name out there. Take charge of your public relations by getting your name in front of people for all the right reasons.

By sponsoring a local charity or event and promoting it on your blog or social media pages, you show commitment to the community and give people a reason to remember your name.

Real-world advertising hasn’t entirely lost its cache, either. Don’t just rely on an internet presence: get your name in newspapers, on billboards, or on the radio. You want your name to be the one that pops to the front of a person’s mind whenever they need the goods or services you provide.

Take the Next Steps

If you’re ready to start marketing your business more effectively online, get a free Snapshot Report or take a look at our services.

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