3 Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas for Your Company to Consider

by | Sep 29, 2022 | Holiday

Photo of a cooked Thanksgiving Turkey on a plate.

Turkey day is coming up, which means tons of exciting deals for your customers to gobble up. The only problem is which Thanksgiving marketing ideas you will use. These ideas can help to engage your audience’s interests and get them to shop with you during the holiday marketing season.

We’ve created a list of digital marketing ideas that will help you create a marketing plan that you can use this Thanksgiving season and the next one. Read on now, and don’t miss out on stuffing the turkey with tons of incentives and deals that are better than holiday dressing.


One of the best parts of Thanksgiving, hands down, is the food that family and friends gather around the table to consume. If you want to gain reoccurring customers, hosting a Thanksgiving dinner giveaway is one way to do this.

This will not only allow you to engage your local followers, but it also means you increase your number of subscribers. This is the number of people that follow your social media accounts in the future in hopes of winning another one of your giveaways.

If you’re going to host a dinner giveaway, you can further your community outreach by partnering with one of the restaurants in the area. While you’re marketing the dinner, you can also use this time to market some of the other dinners that are offered by the restaurant providing the giveaway meal.


The holiday season is unlike any other season. This means you have more opportunities to provide themed content for your followers.

We recommend reviewing your products and ensuring the content you choose to create aligns with the things you’re offering.

For example, if you’re an exercise company, your content can center around providing turkey day-themed exercises. Or you can post healthier recipes that can be used in place of the traditional Thanksgiving ones.

You can also go one step further and create personalized content that will make followers want to engage with it. For example, you can ask your followers to comment on the things they’re most thankful for during Thanksgiving.


Not everyone is as fortunate as others during the holiday season, which makes it the perfect time to host a charity drive. Before the season is upon us, ensure you inform your customers and followers that your company will host a charity drive this year.

Ensure you provide them with the guidelines of the charity drive and the items you’ll accept during this time.


There are several Thanksgiving marketing ideas you should try. These include hosting a charity drive.

Or you can create a calendar that allows you to post and publish themed or personalized content for your customers to engage with.

Do you need tips, tools, and other forms of marketing services to help this holiday season? Contact The Local Marketer for more help today.

By Roberto Torres

Roberto is a follower of Christ, Husband, and Dad. He helps local businesses grow as owner of The Local Marketer, and author of The Local Marketing Handbook. In his spare time, you'll find him listening to podcasts like Knowing Faith and 5 Minutes in Church History, or traversing the land of Hyrule.


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