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6 Powerful Marketing Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is a major holiday for many small businesses. In the United States, projected spending for Valentine’s Day is between $170 and $190 per customer. The opportunity for small businesses to become the go to resource for this spending will depend on the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns for Valentine’s Day.

That’s why we are here to give you several marketing ideas for Valentine’s Day, along with the tools to and tips to execute them.


Use color psychology I your Valentine’s Day marketing

Valentine’s Day is typically associated with three main colors: red, pink, and white. If you want to use this theming in your advertisements or other promotional aesthetics, it will immediately cause people to associate your promotion with the holiday.

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It will also grab their attention in other ways. Research on the color-in-context theory has shown that the color red can have a physiological effect on people– we’re simply wired to pay attention and have an emotional reaction to the color red. In terms of color psychology, red represents love, passion, and excitement. Pink and white go great with red, but for marketing purposes, red should be the color of focus.

Plan early for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t as big a holiday as Christmas– but after Mother’s Day, it’s the 3rd biggest holiday for spending. Nearly 70 million Americans buy Valentine’s Day gifts, so if you’re planning a Valentine’s marketing campaign, you want to start early enough to catch peoples’ interest, but not so early that they get tired of seeing Valentine’s Day material. Realistically, aim to start your Valentine’s Day marketing no later than February 1st.

And even though you are starting early, keep in mind the trope of the person buying their Valentine’s Day gift on the day itself. That trope exists for a reason! Consider a Valentine’s Day countdown as a courtesy reminder and to keep that loving energy up.

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Offer Valentine’s Day experiences

Experiences are a popular Valentine’s Day gift. Whether that’s meals, classes, or other activities, people need places close to them to go for that perfect Valentine’s date. That could be your business! Hype up the holiday on social media, and promote an experience.

If you’re a restaurant, you can offer a prix fixe menu or other exclusive meal deal; if you’re a retailer, you can consider offering some kind of class. Maybe it’s a painting and wine night, a trip to a local brewery, or maybe it’s a romantic dance lesson. Spend time before the holiday promoting your Valentine’s event, and use local marketing strategies to make your event the must-do experience of the evening!

Add personal touches for Valentine’s Day gifts

Little touches can make a gift extra-special. Consider adding customization options to your products. This could be nice gift wrapping, monogramming, adding personalized messages, or other touches that make a gift seem even more perfect for its recipient. You should also consider emphasizing the local angle to your small, local business– gifts that have a regional appeal or were made in the area often seem more personal and special.

Valentine’s Day is also a great time to get a little more personal with your customers. You can use the holiday as an opportunity to run a sale or special, thanking your customers for their business. You can include personal notes of appreciation in your marketing emails or blog posts as well. Valentine’s Day is about love, and there’s lots of ways to show love. One way is through community support for a local business they believe in– and that’s you! Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show your customers some love in return.

Valentine’s Day gifts for families and friends

It’s not just couples that celebrate Valentine’s Day. Many parents like to give Valentine’s Day gifts to their children, and “Gal-entines” Day and other friendly expressions of love are becoming more popular every year.

Giving a gift on Valentine’s Day to family and friends is a great idea – but not at the same price point as gifts for husbands and wives. A savvy small retailer might consider a selection of less-intimate, less-expensive– but still thoughtful and considerate– gifts that people can buy for friends, family, and coworkers. Having the option available will make it easier for customers to share the love.

Sell Valentine’s Day gifts for pets

GIF of a dog wearing a heart shaped head piece.

More than 1 in 4 people buy Valentine’s Day gifts for their pets. It’s true! If your small business deals with pets in any way, Valentine’s Day is a great time to offer deals and discounts. You can also take another route and offer luxury, limited-time Valentine’s Day packages that will entice customers to treat their pets.

There are also many opportunities for food-related businesses such as food trucks, restaurants, and bakeries to go to the dogs (and cats) this Valentine’s day. Offering a special “doggy bag” to order alongside your Valentine’s Day menu, or offering freshly baked treats or pet-safe cookies is a great way to help people pamper their pets. Your customers will remember that your business went out of the way to make their pet’s day special!


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