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[Case Study] New Website Extends House Matters Renovations Reach

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House Matters Renovations of Hampden, MA needed a simple website that showcased their masterful work in order to build trust. Stephen Toth and his team work on their customer’s homes.

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Winning their business can be difficult because, let’s face it, we don’t want scammers in our home. That’s why I built this site to showcase testimonials from real customers, along with real before and after photos.

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Lots of Before and After Photos

A key feature across the website is the use of before and after photos showing the remodel before House Matters Renovations starts their work.

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The after photos allows a potential customer to see how the space turned out afterwards in order to showcase the quality of their work.

Clear Call-To-Action on Every Page

Every page of on House Matters Renovations’ website contains a large footer with a clear call-to-action. Inviting each visitor to ‘talk about your project’ allows for a low-commitment action to take place.

Per the owner’s request, you won’t find a request for a quote, or the option to schedule an appointment. Stephen Hoth, the owner, wants to simply invite the visitor to a conversation about how they want to improve their property.

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House Matters Renovations Web Design Project

Completing this web design project was just more than creating content, clear calls-to-action, and before and after pictures.

To ensure the new website could get found in search, setting up Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Search Console are a part of every project.

I also make sure to add Google Analytics, connect it with GSC, then add basic goals to measure conversions of click-to-calls and form submissions. Even though those goals may not result in a new customer, it’s a way to measure a successful engagement with a new lead.


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