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[Case Study] New Wellness Center Website

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Jessica approached us about creating a new Wellness Center website for The Restorative Wellness Center located in Hampden, MA. Their current website was Weebly site that had been hacked and linked to malicious software. (more on that later)

Ultimately, with a limited budget we found that a Mono website will be quickly designed, deployed, and offer the most robust online experience for their small business. Features like dynamic personalization, On-Site Engagements, and personalized calls-to-action (CTAs), make Mono a great fit.

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Free Weebly Website

Wellness Center Website Malware Fix

After building out the website, we always create and submit a sitemap to Google Search Console. After adding and validating the property, we discovered a security issue against the website.

Additionally, after submitting the sitemap and requesting the site be reviewed, we received notification about a week later that the site no longer was considered malicious. This is a big win for the customer who didn’t realize they were not appearing in Google search due to this issue.

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Website Performance

Now that the site is up and running, contains an SSL certificate, is mobile friendly, and has a sitemap with about 11 pages to crawl, they are beginning to rank and receive organic traffic.

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Google Search Console Performance Report

Content and Pages

Much of the website content was taken from their old website and rewritten. The focus of the rewrite was to find key benefits of each service and make them easy-to-peruse. In addition to finding the unique value proposition for each service, their had to be a target keyword for each page.

Each service page is targeting the core service in Hampden, MA. For example, the page heading, title, and description will include ‘Massage Therapy in Hampden, MA’ in order to rank in local search. Along with service pages, the home page had to feature 3 core elements within the copy.

  • What do you do?
  • For Whom?
  • Why does it matter?

Now the website to quickly communicates to the visitor the core business objective. Adding a simple call-to-action also now gives the visitor a next step in their visit. For this site, the CTA was to learn more about their services.

Generating Leads

Since the new wellness center website went live, they are seeing a substantial increase in leads generated through calls, forms, and direction requests. With the website now indexed and ranking locally, online searchers are finding their business more often.

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new website restorative

Wellness Center Website

This website design project was quickly completed in just 2 days, and can be had for just about any budget. If you’re wellness center or clinic is needing a quick web solution, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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