Off Page SEO: 6 Excellent Examples You Must See

by | Aug 22, 2022 | SEO

These off page SEO examples will equip you with a variety of ways to improve your website ranking in search. Especially if your business website still not ranking well in local search even making updates to your site like:

  • Including your city and state on every page
  • Adding helpful content that is relevant to local consumers
  • Creating internal links in and out of each page

The problem could be your off-page SEO.

When talking about local search and SEO, there are two categories of work that can be done: On-page and off-page. In this post we’ll cover the following off-page SEO examples.

Definition of off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is sometimes referred to as link building, but it is much more than that. Off-page SEO is any task done “off” a website with the purpose of improving its visibility in search. In other words, off page SEO are tasks done on other websites to improve your website. Below are examples of those tasks.

NOTE: Link building is still a major factor when it comes to ranking your website in search. Ahrefs published a search traffic study showing the correlation between links and organic traffic.

Search Engine Submission

In order for your website to rank in search, a search engine first needs to crawl and index your website. You can help to speed up the process by submitting your website to each search engine. Of course for Google you’ll want to use Google Search Console. For other search engines including Yahoo and DuckDuckGo, you’ll want to use Bing Webmaster Tools.

Screenshot of adding website to Bing Webmaster Tools.

There are added benefits to manually submitting your website to each search engine. You’ll be able to monitor the crawl rate and receive notifications of when pages cannot be indexed. This can help you address the problems preventing the page from showing up in search.

Sync Local Business Listings

Adding your business listing information to directories creates more places where users can find your business information, and web crawlers can find backlinks. Always make sure to submit your NAP (name, address, phone number). And, when possible, add a link to your website and a relevant category to the listing. Most searches are done with relevant keyword instead of a business name, so make sure to add your business category.

Screenshot of business listing accuracy score from The Local Marketer.

Take advantage of using a listing sync service to help you automate this off page SEO task. This way you save time keeping your listings accurate whenever you make changes to your business hours, or add a product or service to your offerings.

Social Media Marketing

Being active on relevant social media channels and actively managing your online reputation is one of the most effective off page SEO activities you can do for your local business. It is important to strive to get likes, shares, and links for your content by keeping your channel helpful 80% of the time, and promotional only 20% of the time.

Screenshot of Google's help article on local ranking factors, specifically prominence.

Many of the results for local searches will include aggregated information from social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and others. This include reviews and review responses on those social networks. Google has confirmed that prominence is a local search factor, and they consider online reviews a signal of prominence for local businesses.

You can help users find out about your business by sharing videos on Youtube, Vimeo, or your own website. You can build links back to your site from each video channel and offer exclusive content back on your website. This is important because you exclusively rely on social networks to carry your content. Just ask the team at Corridor Crew and the hack of their YouTube channel.

The advantage of video is that there’s little effort required for the visitor to engage. They simply click play, and get the information presented to them. Here’s an example of a drone video we did for Steaming Tender’s website project.

Any video made can then be cut up and reused for your website and marketing channels like TikTok, Twitter, Insta, and more. This helps build prominence online by getting more mentions online. Not everything will go viral and that’s okay. Set your expectations and slowly build the content you know your customers will enjoy.

Earn backlinks to your website with PR and get others to read your content. The more quality backlinks your web page has, the more online authority it has, and the more search engines will see your page as relevant to local searchers. Here are three ways to earn backlinks online for your business website.

  1. Use HARO – Becoming a Source for Help a Reporter Out is a way to get your website mentioned by journalists looking for help with the content they are creating. This can be a grind, but taking a few minutes each week to review the requests can lead to opportunities that will fit.
  2. Use Terkel – Select your interests and complete your profile. Include your website url, company name and headshot for attribution within articles. Then share your expertise and get featured in articles on websites with a backlink.
  3. Cross Promote – Partnering with other local businesses is a great way to drive traffic to your local business. Work together on a promotion and incentivize customers to visit other area businesses and post that on your blog with a backlink.
Screenshot of email from Terkel requesting your expertise on these journalist inquiries.

Of all the off page SEO, this is by far the most time consuming. However, earning a link back to your business website is very important, and will build your business brand online.

Forums, Communities, and Connections

Answering industry related questions on forums and online communities seems like an old school tactic, however, it is very much a thing today. Online forums like Quora, Reddit, and Alignable are all places to offer value while sharing your website content. When done carefully and in a way that’s helpful, you’ll reap the benefits of building off-page SEO.

Graphic showing the logos of Quora, Reddit, and Alignable; all good websites to show as off page seo examples.

Doing so can help to build your reputation as an industry expert. When done properly, these networks will give you the opportunity to include your website or blog link if/when it is relevant to the answer. When done carefully and in a way that’s helpful, you’ll reap the benefits of building off-page SEO.

WARNING: Communities are very aware of how spammers and self-promoters operate. Remember to answer questions and add value to the conversation.

Putting Off Page SEO Examples To Work

Off page SEO is just as valuable as on page SEO but is in many instances out of your control. Working hard to build an online presence will boost your brands prominence and signal to search engines that you’re an expert in your field, and providing good helpful content.

If you have questions about SEO or want to start a campaign, please reach out.

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