5 Local Marketing Ideas for Halloween

holiday marketing local marketing Oct 12, 2021
October is the perfect time to attract local customers with offers and promotions that will haunt their dreams if they miss out.
Be prepared to invest in your local marketing by giving away prizes and discounts in order to build a local following.
Here are 5 local marketing ideas for Halloween.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Offer a Halloween themed scavenger hunt where customers will find savings at each local business.
Using an app like Scavify, you can make it easy for customers to join the hunt online. Remember to include Main Street businesses, local events, and area locations.
Try to partner with area businesses to promote your brand, and encourage them to take part. With more businesses participating, this encourages customers to complete the scavenger hunt.
Make the reward a huge savings, and an offer that involves shopping at other businesses.

Halloween Raffle

Hold a raffle or giveaway that ends on October 31st and includes a grab bag or tub of candy.
The winner of the giveaway should win something BIG. Make the prize worth the exchange of their email address, or a share or follow on social media.
There are apps and platforms that can help you organize your giveaway. Tools like Rafflecopter, Gleam Competitions, and Rafflepress will make raffles more manageable.
Remember the goal is to grow your audience and let them know of future offers and savings, like Small Business Saturday.

Halloween Social Media Contest

Run a social media contest for best dressed or best themed photo of something that matches your brand.
For example, a restaurant can hold a contest for best halloween themed dessert. A local barber can hold a contest for best halloween themed hairstyle.
To make things a little easier, use an app like Heyo to run your contest, and measure the effectiveness of your campaign.
A B2B business can hold a best decorated business contest and offer a free service or product to the winner.
Have fun and keep the theme light and family friendly if possible. Of course, if you're in the business of scaring people, then here's your chance to go big. 👹

Tricks Instead of Treats

Focus in on Tricks instead of Treats with Halloween themed gags for customers to win free or discounted products.
For example, offer discounts to customers who dress in a costume or theme.
Run contests throughout the day, or on the weekend where customers can find something hidden in the store, or online, and win a free product or service.
Hire a local artist to perform Halloween themed music, create spooky art, and entertain your customers.

Halloween Deals Too Scary To Miss

Offer scary-good-deals! 👻
Create offers, bundles, and sales that are too scary to miss.
Sometimes an offer is just too good to pass up. Buy one get one offers are a great way to move inventory and attract customers.
Remember to remind customers to sign up for future updates on news, sales, promotions, and more to grow your local audience.

Grow your audience on Halloween

Local marketing during Halloween is an opportunity to extend your reach and engage local consumers.

Most importantly, remember to provide a benefit for following or subscribing to your newsletter.

Here's a recap of the 5 local marketing ideas for Halloween:

  1. Halloween Scavenger Hunt
  2. Halloween Raffle
  3. Halloween Social Media Contest
  4. Tricks Instead of Treats
  5. Halloween Deals Too Scary To Miss



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