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[Case Study] SEO for Security Businesses Produces Leads

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As specialists in SEO for Security Businesses, we were approached by a local telecom and security company. With the goal to increase their leads, and grow their visibility online. We have been able to generate more leads online through a custom approach to local SEO for security businesses.

In addition, at the time we started our campaign, they were using generating leads through a local BNI networking group. That group had provided referrals for years, however, they were beginning to see that stagnate.

For this reason, we needed to help them generate leads with Local SEO.

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Past Website Traffic

In 2021, their Wix website did not see much organic web traffic. When we started in 2022, they were seeing anywhere from 10 to 20 organic visitors per day. There were seasonal bumps in organic traffic from their Google Business Profile, however, it was not consistent.

They also did not have enough substantial content across the few pages they had. Therefore, we took a content marketing approach at first in order to increase the number organic keywords to rank for.

Content Marketing

Adding new content began with building out specific service pages. This included a Services page with summaries of each service. Then 4 dedicated service pages for each of their services.

In addition to the service pages, we added a blog with several themed posts. Those posts helped them rank for industry related keywords, and provided resources for their social network followers.

Local SEO Campaign

In addition to adding new content, each page had to be optimized for local search. This included updating each page with…

  • City and State Information
  • Including Title Tags with City and State
  • Updating Meta Descriptions with City and State
  • Creating internal links to important service area pages
  • Pushing updates to Google Search Console for indexing

Furthermore, these on page changes require the same effort in off page SEO. This involved updating their Google Business Profile, and creating links on listing pages like Foursquare. Additionally, we published guest posts that linked back to their security business website.

SEO for Security Businesses Results

Today, their website is averaging hundreds of visitors and seeing dozens of conversion each month.

Now with organic traffic increasing, their target audience is noticing them more often in online search. And they are finding their blog posts for questions about products and services they come across on YouTube.

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As a consequence, these updates have made them the local expert on home and business security systems. Investing in Local SEO for your business will have long-term positive results that not only include web traffic, but leads, trust, and authority in your niche.

You can read more about our SEO services, or request a quote for your security business.


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